We create and develope the market of modern technologies. Innovations in business is one of the main values of our company, therefore in 2018 year  we opened a modern Research and Development Center. It came into being in response to the rapidly growing demands of the market, connected with the need of data deletion from SSD disks, flash memories, tablets and mobile phones. The main area of our activity  is initiating and leading development and implementation of projects. We are working on:

  •  innovative methods of removing data from flash memory
  • creation of the world’s first degaussers with PPMS technology, generating electromagnetic fields up to 55,000 gauss.

Thanks to our achievements, the companies will be able to optimize their procedures by introducing new standards for improving data management and archiving processes.

The tasks accomplishment require the high competences: not only knowledge and experience, but also research background. We have  modern premises, covering  an area of over 220m2, fully-equipped and adapted to scientific research end experiments. The selection and characteristics of the measurement equipment habe been prepared based on detailed consultations with eminent scientists  from scientific units cooperating with us: AGH University of Science and Technology and the Institute of Electron Technology. The collection and documentation of test results is carried out using the OMS D.LAB – software dedicated to laboratory management, providing electronic documentation and analysis of research processes.

Our experienced engineering team, together with professional knowledge and know-how gained in the past during the implementation of innovative projects, supervises the correctness of conducted tests. The R&D technical center is prepared in a way that enables the use of research infrastructure for people with disabilities.